Testimonials - Comments received from happy golfers!

If YOU have purchased GCR equipment and have a story to tell, we'd love to hear from you! Send your emails to info@gcrgolf.com and because we respect your privacy, please include a line giving us permission to use your comments.

“After having my GCR's knocked off recently, I had no hesitation in ordering what is now my third set of GCR irons, the 3.02's. The tradition continues ... a superior quality product at an affordable price and I have the confidence that these clubs have been expertly custom fitted to suit me. Golfers who use expensive brand name clubs just don't know or understand what they are missing. Many thanks to the GCR team for producing clubs that I can use. And the wedges are to die for .... I can now get 'up and down' from a ball washer!” JL Moruya - March 2009

“I bought a 3 fairway bore thru wood about 6 months ago and I just had to let you know that it is the best fairway wood I have ever used. The first thing I noticed is how much straighter I hit the ball and the lower ball flight. Some games I leave my driver at home because I feel more confident with my 3 wood GCR. I can’t wait to get one of your new drivers.” M.S. Newcastle - September 2008

“I have purchased two set of GCR clubs. The first got stolen. I had no hesitation in getting the second set as I was 100% happy with the first lot. Suffice to say that the feel is just the same. Just like the first time I hit one and said to myself 'I'll have a set of these thanks”. No matter what comes out by whom in the future, whenever I want to get a set of clubs I'll go with GCR. Its wonderful, as the range of stuff out there could do your head in!” R.C. North Ryde - May 2008

“Hi Everyone at GCR, Just wanted to let you know how brilliant your clubs are. A couple of months ago I purchased a No. 5 fairway metal. It's amazing how far the ball travels. Being so impressed with that I had a chat with my local pro about a new driver. He recommended your signature driver.....WOW what a difference a great club makes. Thanks for such a great product. When the time comes to upgrade my irons I'll definitely be heading in your direction. Keep up the good work.” S McL. Kew - May 2008

"I just want to thank you for your excellent product. I was looking for a fairway wood and was talked into trying one of your Easy Irons (Utility Metal) I am very fussy about the clubs I use and my set is a one of the big named brands. However I have to say that my favorite club is a GCR 2 Fairway Iron 19 degree loft. I can hit this club out of anything including Fairway bunkers. It goes long and straight. Thanks for making my game more enjoyable." G.H. Canberra - April 2008

"My handicap reduction has been from 17 to 12.6 since buying my set of 5.02 irons and I willingly recommend you and your product. Many thanks for making my game more enjoyable and much more competitive." B.M., Nelson Bay - February 2008

"I recently bought a GCR hybrid and 3 fairway metal.I find both sit nicely at address and are easy to hit. I am happy with the soft feel, ball flight and distance produced from both clubs." B.B., Canberra - December 2007

"Last week I bought an Easy Iron 16 degree utility club. Have to let you know that this club is so long and straight that it has replaced the 3 wood around my course. It's an absolute delight to use...and in my humble opinion anyone not using one of these (or the 19 degree version) is making the game harder than it needs to be." D.R., Canberra - September 2007

"The GCR Studio Design Quad is the best Driver I have used in twenty years, much longer and straighter than anything else. At half the price of other square drivers on the market you would be crazy to not be using this driver. The Mitsubishi Rayon graphite shaft gives fantastic feel and response.” Peter Mills, former NSW Open, Tasmanian Open and Victorian PGA Champion - May 2007