Wedges are a “cult thing”. Better players the world over have a love affair with their particular wedges, yet to the average player, no golf club is more misunderstood or less appreciated than the specialty wedge. After extensive testing with PGA Tour professionals, the GCR 8.01 Wedge series was developed to match a player's short game tools to the variety of shots demanded on every golf course. Whether you choose to carry just one, or as many as three, the GCR Special Wedges offer the face profiles, lofts and bounce angles to execute the shots you need. Designed as complementary to all irons, or as “stand alone” utilities, GCR offers a series of three traditional size and shape wedges to complement or complete any set. Hand formed using premium 8620 mild carbon steel, then finished with double nickel chrome plating for durability, we believe you will find our GCR engineered wedges a thing of beauty even before you swing one.

52o Mid Wedge
A specialty wedge with just a hint of offset, 52º loft and 8º bounce, the mid wedge sits between the pitching wedge and the sand wedge to give a higher, softer “floating” trajectory than the pitching wedge, but greater distance than the sand iron. The versatile design with moderate sole camber is well suited to full fairway shots as well as greenside chipping. The reduced bounce of this wedge also makes it ideal for shots from hard packed sand or bare lies.

8.01 Wedge

54o & 56o Sand Irons
A beautifully shaped wedge that can be “opened” as much as required, but still presents to the ball for maximum control. The parallel trailing edge is evident to eliminate side spin and the graduated 14o bounce allows effortless bunker recovery, while being equally at home when “nipping” the ball from the fairway. The longer than normal hosel has been employed for two reasons; to create a softer feel (the longer hosel absorbs more impact shock), and to move the centre of gravity higher, in order to reduce ball “skid”, and so that trajectory will be controlled in windy conditions and the ball will not “float around”. The tear drop design allows the player to lay the blade open and maintain the beautiful clean lines that blend into the neck of the club, or equally, to close the blade at set up via the radiused sole and hand ground trailing edge. This is an outstanding sand iron.


58o & 60o Lob Wedges
A classical round design, but with a wider flange, slightly cambered and with a radiused trailing edge, for playing smooth, delicate pitch shots from around the green. The 6o bounce angle allows the iron to be opened up for short bunker shots. While there is less noticeable bounce, the wide sole compensates, and this is one of the “secrets” in good wedge design; width of sole versus bounce. While the 58o can double as both a sand iron and lob wedge, the 60o Lob Wedge is well suited to high, soft shots with a full swing and is excellent from either long grass or soft sand.

Wedge Face

The world class quality in GCR golf equipment is undeniable, and the result of the new GCR 8.01 specialty wedges is unparalleled ease of achieving optimum short game feel and control. And more enjoyment from the game.