GCR is proud to announce the arrival of a range of putters rivalling the quality and design thoughtfulness of previous GCR irons and metals. Technically refined by design, proven on the greens, and beautiful in the hands, our 8.02 “Snow Soft” putters offer new control and confidence, along with the soft feel for which insert putters are preferred.

004 Putter

Initially, each putter head is cast from 431 stainless steel, and then heat treated to restore the integrity of the molecular structure of the metal. Each putter head is then platen ground, a version of milling but with a smoother finish, on the face and sole to a tolerance of 1/1000th of an inch. The question begs; it is logical to have a smooth face, but why bother with the sole? Simply because while wanting the putter to sit flat and square on the green, we want to achieve a “slippery sole” that almost slides on the green, and a very slight camber on the sole so that the putter head does not catch any grass on the backswing that could inhibit a smooth stroke. Attention to detail is a GCR hallmark, and it is the little things that make a difference, don’t you agree?

GCR_8.02_01_Cavity (3)

The slightly heavier head weight has been optimally reallocated, redistributing 48 grams from behind the face and the centre of the head, to the lower heel, toe and perimeter to create a higher moment of inertia for greater stability throughout the putting stroke. This heavier design enhances control and provides better fit and feel at shorter putter lengths.

GCR_8.02_Toe (3)

For more efficient energy transfer, a three millimetre thickness balata insert offers resilient response and crisp feedback with a soft, reassuring sound and feel. The result also offers improved distance control without sacrificing soft feel.

Additional features include premium True Temper “putter specific” steel shafts and Lamkin Deep Etched Crossline grips for precise feedback. A satin “silver mist” paint finish on the top of the putter head is applied so that there are no reflections in even the brightest sun, allowing you to totally concentrate on the job at hand. Each putter is then protected in a fur lined putter cover to eliminate any dents or nicks caused by clubs moving around in the bag.

GCR_8.02_Cavity (3)

The seven different models, while similar in looks and identical in performance, each have a different appeal so that the putter you choose will be to your exact individual preference. After all, putting is about confidence, and being confident with a certain “look”, so you can choose whichever one looks and feels right for you with the knowledge that all will provide superb performance.

The world class quality in GCR golf equipment is undeniable, and the result of the new GCR 8.02 “Snow Soft” putters is unparalleled ease of achieving optimum feel, control and results so you can get more enjoyment from the game.