As a privately owned design studio, GCR do not release new products to fit a time frame or a market expectation. Rarely do we release new products, such is our attention to detail and our belief that new products should not be released simply for the sake of stimulating sales, and in our company history, our entire product offering has an average development phase of three years, an eternity compared to big brands who are “sales volume” driven.

Only when we have a creation that has been exhaustively tested and refined until it is conclusively better than an existing product will we bring it to market to replace an existing range. One such moment is about to happen….. introducing the new CG Series Hybrid.

CG Hybrid

The CG Series continues our company philosophy of transitional mass, which in simple terms is about weight placement in relation to loft to achieve an optimum flight trajectory with every club. High emphasis is placed on club head stability, centre of gravity and weight placement to achieve a higher moment of inertia (resistance to twisting on off centre hits) which translates into greater accuracy and better overall results.

Crafted from the finest grade of 17.4 stainless steel, the centre of gravity (CG) is engineered to be as low and as far back as possible, and enhanced by an 8 gram tungsten sole screw, to optimise launch angle and reduce spin.

Complementing the CG head design is the introduction of our new super lightweight GCR High Tech Carbon graphite shaft weighing just 62 grams, along with our all weather “Vibration Resistant” grip that reduces impact vibration by 75% over standard all weather grips.

There are four variants in the range:
#2 is 18o loft, with a lie angle of 60.5o and length of 40.5”, replacing either a #2 iron or #5 wood.
#3 is 21o loft, with a lie angle of 61o and length of 40”, replacing either a #3 iron or #7 wood.
#4 is 24o loft, with a lie angle of 61.5o and length of 39.5”, replacing either a #4 iron or #9 wood.
#5 is 27o loft, with a lie angle of 62o and length of 39”, replacing a #5 iron

The world class quality in GCR golf equipment is undeniable, and the continued result of Transitional Mass technology in the new GCR CG Series Hybrids is unparalleled ease of achieving straighter shots with optimum trajectory. Make the move to CG Series Hybrids and change the way you think about your game.

Below is an image of a rare GCR print advertisement that was run to celebrate the launch of our hybrid range:


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