Every so often a defining product is produced that gives a clear understanding of what a company represents. Such a product is the new GCR Signature Driver, representing an example of the “DNA” of our design driven golf equipment.

A pure, classic pear shaped driver, manufactured from the highest grade of Beta Titanium with internal weighting technology that achieves the highest possible moment of inertia (resistance to twisting) and the most solid feel imaginable, combined with an impact sound reminiscent of the persimmon classics of a bygone era.


Available in lofts of 9o, 10.5o and 12o, the centre of gravity (CG) is engineered to be as low and as far back as possible to optimise launch angle and reduce spin.

Engineered specifically for the new Signature Driver is the GCR “Sub 60” Japanese Carbon Graphite Shaft weighing less than 60 grams and available in no less than seven different flex options, plus the exclusive GCR Vibration Resistant All Weather grip that reduces impact vibration by 75%.

Understated by design, the Signature Driver is pure GCR, so test drive now and experience the combination of feel, form and function that is making GCR golf equipment “the considered alternative”, and bring enjoyment back into your game.

Five years ago GCR introduced our original offset titanium “Easy Driver”, which was an instant success and changed the games of legions of slicers everywhere it was sold.

Two years ago we upgraded the original to the current standard of 460cc size and in 10.5o, and while it has continued the success of the original, our user feedback was that with the increase in size, the subsequent centre of gravity being higher on the face due to the overall size meant that ball flight for many players was lower, leading to more run but less “air time”.

Due to our extensive demo day program and communication accessibility, customer feedback is at the very heart of GCR culture, and as a result, the 13o Offset Ti-Hi has joined the range

Boasting 13 degrees of loft, the offset Ti-Hi brings back the flight trajectory of the original driver but with the added benefits of a 460cc size head. Benefits such as a larger face meaning more room for error, and a larger head meaning more back weighting to increase the moment of inertia. And 13 degrees of loft means that trouble in getting the ball in the air is now one less thing for you to worry about!

And speaking of MOI, a lot of the technology that was developed during the design of the “Quad” square Driver has been utilised in the sole design of both the Ti-Mid and the Ti-Hi, to the extent that the moment of inertia, or resistance to twisting, is 4800 gms per cm2, naturally less than the 5200 gms achieved in the square Quad, but 600 gms greater than our previous Drivers, which equates into an increase in MOI of more than 14%. Without confusing you and getting too technical, in simple terms what this means is that a higher moment of inertia (resistance to twisting on off centre hits) translates into greater accuracy and better overall results..

Test drive the new GCR Offset Ti-Mid 10.5o for a wind boring ball flight or the high flying 13o Ti-Hi soon, and bring enjoyment back into your game.

Offset TiHI Driver

The “High Launch” model will become THE secret weapon for many golfers. Purpose built from the ground up, this driver gives the initial impression that it is offset, but on further inspection you will realise that the visual impression is due to the authentic 14o loft, with the top of the face receding behind the shaft line, whereas the bottom of the face is still set in the traditional position in front of the hosel. And as soon as you hit your first drive, you will become even more curious and intrigued as to how you can hit such sweet drives with so little effort and at a launch angle that is going to help you achieve distance you’ve never had! Particularly for ladies and senior gentlemen, this is your “must have” new Driver!


The CG Series Driver has been created as a value alternative to the premium Studio Design Driver Range. The Driver is designed to complement the new range of CG Fairway Metals and CG Hybrids to enable the golfer requiring a fully matched set to achieve that aim.

While at a “value” price point, the specification of the Driver is anything but, with the 460 cc head being manufactured from true 6-4 Titanium, not some “Ti Matrix” alloy being passed off as titanium.

CG Driver

The new CG Series Driver continues our company philosophy of transitional mass, which in simple terms is about weight placement in relation to loft to achieve an optimum flight trajectory with every club. High emphasis is placed on club head stability, centre of gravity and weight placement to achieve a high moment of inertia (resistance to twisting on off centre hits) which translates into greater accuracy and better overall results.

Available only in 10.5o loft, the centre of gravity (CG) is engineered to be as low and as far back as possible, and enhanced by a 16 gram tungsten sole screw, to optimise launch angle and reduce spin.

The specification of the Driver is completed with the new GCR High Tech Carbon Shaft weighing just 62 grams and the exclusive GCR Vibration Resistant All Weather grip that reduces impact vibration by 75%.

Without doubt, the new GCR CG Series Driver represents the best value for money in the market for a true Titanium high performance product.

Once your fitting professional has determined the correct head design for your game, he will then recommend a flex of shaft to suit your swing speed, and GCR’s own design of Japan’s Mitsubishi Rayon graphite shafts range from Stiff, to Firm, to Regular, to A (soft regular), to AA, to L and then LL for the most petite ladies! Seven specific flex’s and then, because every Driver is individually built to order, each of these can be fine tuned should your professional believe you need “that little bit extra or little bit less”.

At GCR, we accept we do not have the brand cachet of some… being a private company (and intensely private at that) means we are not at the whim of the stock market and investors who demand ever increasing sales for the sake of growth… we accept that we choose to only bring products to market when we can prove a new product is a better performer rather than because it is needed to spike sales… we accept that we may be the best kept secret on the golfing planet… we accept we ARE different in that we are easily the most accessible golf company you will ever find (email us and you’ll always get a personal reply, not a canned response)… and we are grateful to every single golfer who purchases just one of our clubs or a set… because we know from experience over the past eleven years that once you have tried any of our products you will consider other products in our range because you will understand and appreciate our philosophy of producing the highest quality custom built golf products in the world, not just because of the quality of components and workmanship, but because they do what they’re supposed to!

We want you to enjoy your golf and we build equipment that facilitates that opportunity… what more could you ask for?

See, and try, the GCR range of Titanium Drivers. It will be a good experience.

Below is an image of a rare GCR print advertisement that was launched to celebrate the Signature Driver:


Download print ad for Signature Driver