The game of golf has changed dramatically over the past decade, and the demands on the performance of equipment have reached a new level. Technology has produced many innovations in golf equipment, and there has been the need to harness that technology with form and function and produce a set of irons, classical wedges, Drivers and fairway metals specifically for left handers, often the forgotten people of golf. For these people, there is now the GCR 6.01 series, available ONLY in left hand!

GCR_6.01_Iron (3)

The GCR 6.01 iron featuring Transitional Mass technology is a high performance cavity iron designed for players seeking the ultimate in feel, workability, shot control and overall performance while maintaining the profile of a classic blade. Transitional Mass technology in simple terms is progressively biased lineal weight movement throughout the set to create a lower centre of gravity in long irons to make it easier to get the ball airborne, and a higher centre of gravity in the short irons to produce a lower, more controlled ball flight. Transitional Mass weight distribution is also employed in the face thickness of each iron throughout the set that concentrates more mass in the exact centre of gravity in each iron for unmatched feel, feedback and forgiveness.

GCR_6.01_Sand Iron (3)

Complementing the irons are a pair beautifully shaped hand forged wedges that can be “opened” as much as required, but still presents to the ball for maximum control. The parallel trailing edge of the 56o Sand Iron is evident to eliminate side spin and the graduated 14o bounce allows effortless bunker recovery, while being equally at home when “nipping” the ball from the fairway. The longer than normal hosel has been employed for two reasons; to create a softer feel (the longer hosel absorbs more impact shock), and to move the centre of gravity higher, in order to reduce ball “skid”, and so that trajectory will be controlled in windy conditions and the ball will not “float around”. The tear drop design allows the player to lay the blade open and maintain the beautiful clean lines that blend into the neck of the club, or equally, to close the blade at set up via the radiused sole and hand ground trailing edge. This is an outstanding sand iron. A classical round design Lob Wedge, but with a wider flange, slightly cambered and with 10o bounce completes the set.

6.0 Iron

The world class quality in GCR golf equipment is undeniable, and the result of Transitional Mass technology in the new GCR 6.01 Left Hand Series is unparalleled ease of achieving straighter shots with optimum trajectory. And more enjoyment from the game.

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