GCR 5.02 irons challenge conventional thinking and present a new paradigm in the selection of irons that go to make up a set of golf clubs. For the first time each and every golfer can build a set of irons, one at a time, with yardage separation between each iron tailored to suit their individual game. That makes sense doesn’t it? Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?


A traditional set of golf clubs has always had nine or ten irons, with a four degree loft variation between each club, on the basis that a professional player achieves approximately 2.5 metres per degree, and therefore has an approximate ten metre gap between each iron. However, within Golf Club Research, we have studied thousands of “ordinary” golfers with slower swing speeds than professionals and concluded that this distance separation between clubs is far less for swing speeds that don’t exceed ninety miles per hour, meaning that in traditional sets of irons with a four degree variation that there is approximately only six metres difference, so several irons in a set are virtually redundant. The 5.02 series of irons were designed to give specific distance separation between the irons in a set for “the rest of us” in the golf population.

As a result, there is a total of fourteen different irons to choose from in order to make up your ideal set, “half” irons having been added with loft variances so that an individual can add a specific loft to suit their needs, and each designed to optimise the enjoyment for golfers of all levels of ability.

So, what are the possibilities? For starters, there is the “traditional” set, with loft variance of four degrees from two iron through to pitching wedge (#2 - #P), and then the sand iron making for a ten iron set. But then it gets interesting! Because there is a 3.5 iron in between the #3 and #4, a 6.5 iron in between the #6 and #7, a 9.5 iron in between the #9 and the #P, and then an additional 52o Wedge. Before explaining further, look at the spec chart below, and the loft variations will begin to make the second set possibility obvious.

502 specs

Now, having reviewed the available lofts in the matrix, and given our research that shows that the average golfer achieves just 1.5 metres per degree of loft, wouldn’t it make sense to have a set of irons with six degrees, not four, between each iron so that the gap was more meaningful? We think it makes sense, don’t you?

So, apart from the traditional set of irons, we suggest that a better alternative would be to build your set to the matrix below:

Half Set

But wait you cry! There are only seven irons! I’m used to having nine or ten!

We say….. so what!

Have a look at your current set of irons and be honest….. if you have a #2 iron, chances are it is still relatively new, and we suggest that several other irons aren’t as worn as others….. correct? But don’t take our power of suggestion literally, chart your iron usage over your past few games or your next few rounds and it would be very surprising if a trend did not become evident….. a trend which proves that your game on your home course, and those you play most often, is built around certain irons rather than the complete “traditional” set.

If you prefer long irons to woods, by all means add a #2 iron, because that will not change the six degree increment in your set and will still mean your tally of irons is only eight. But think of the possibilities that now open up to you, and the opportunity to “bespoke tailor” a set of irons to your game….. for you and no one else!

You have the opportunity to add a couple of high lofted fairway metals, some of the new GCR utility “easy irons”, or a 60o lob wedge to enhance your repertoire of scoring shots around the green. The possibilities are endless!

And all because you now have flexibility in your set makeup that allows you to choose from a vast array of individual golf clubs that together build the perfect set of golf clubs for YOU. Why, hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

Our logic should be starting to make a lot of sense to you, as it does to us, and as we have been developing this system for more than seven years, all the time wondering if another manufacturer would be thinking along the same lines and beat us to market, we have been continually surprised that no one else has developed such a system of irons, and we can only conclude that no company wants to develop essentially two sets of clubs under the one model name because they will not be able to capitalise on the development investment and will not achieve the sales that major companies demand from such a number of products.

This is where GCR is different. If you have been following our company you will know that we are not focused on massive growth or market share. We are first and foremost a golf equipment design studio that has a small range of product with nothing superfluous to the needs of the various categories of player ability.

Our goal has always been to develop products that have a “reason for being” and that every single product is world class in quality and design, and world beating in value for money. We also do not believe in bringing new models to market every year to maintain our sales because we are a private company, not one driven by share price, and we only bring new product to market when we truly believe we have something significant to add to what we already offer. And 5.02 irons are such a product.

We are also very serious about where our products are sold, hence our retail network of golf professionals who we support with product training and information so that they can advise you what are the best products for your particular game. And in the case of the 5.02 system of irons, it will be even more important that you obtain the professional advice of a knowledgeable person to help you build your perfect set, not just for the iron numbers you choose, but for another equally important reason.

GCR carries not a single golf club in stock. As well as having a design studio mentality, we are a custom club builder, not a box mover, which means every single product is built to order rather than us having a warehouse full of “standard” golf clubs.

What is the benefit of this to you? It means that there is no reason why you should settle for “standard” golf clubs because your set will not be built until it is ordered for you….. so why settle for “standard” when you can have clubs built specifically for you, at no extra cost, and shipped within two working days of order receipt, a benchmark we established eleven years ago when our company was born that has been tested and proven every day by our retailers. Just ask any of our retail partners about our level of service and we are confident they will confirm our statement that no company in the golf industry has a better service record than GCR. We may be small, but that hasn’t stopped us from setting the agenda, and we are proud of our network relationships and the fact that we have a true partnership with our professionals that promote our products. So, consult with your professional about not only the iron numbers that will suit you, but the specifications that your clubs should be….. the length, the lie, the shaft flex, the grip thickness….. it costs no more so why wouldn’t you do this?

Now if you have read this far, you will no doubt agree with our opening statement that this set of golf clubs is going to challenge conventional thinking and present a new paradigm, and in all these words we still haven’t even mentioned the “normal” features that most golf club advertising focuses on. Bullet points such as deep cavity providing forgiveness on off centre hits, wide radiused sole to prevent the iron from digging too deeply, progressive offset hosels to promote solid impact….. the list goes on and on of features and benefits, but we think that you are intelligent enough to realise that we wouldn’t have gone to the lengths we have and then not made the irons the easiest to play golf clubs ever. Of course they have all the bullet point features and benefits that other companies espouse, but the difference is, that’s only our starting point.

It is a given that the 5.02 irons are easy to hit, but when you add the facts that you choose what iron numbers and lofts make your perfect set, your set is custom built to suit only you, and you have professional advice and support throughout, it all adds up to a series of compelling reasons why your next set of golf clubs should include GCR 5.02 irons. We hope you agree and enjoy your first ever truly customised set of golf clubs.

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