How many clubs….

Had an interesting few days recently at the biannual PGA Coaching Summit at Royal Pines. As the name suggests, the summit was all about coaching; technique, methods, delivery style, mental stuff etc, and various breakout sessions on club fittings when teaching, reading greens, statistical data and specialist coaching with juniors and women.

Over the past eighteen months I’ve done a lot of coaching, and have been thinking further about the set makeup and the number of clubs required, sort of moving forward from where I’ve been with the 5.02 “half set” concept. Not only am I more convinced than ever that this concept of spreading the lofts suits more people than some pros will give it credit, it may actually still be too many clubs! For example, from the four hundred plus lessons I’ve given to women in the past year or so, when I ask the question of which clubs in their bag (and most turn up with the full compliment) they actually use, very few use more than their driver, a fairway wood, and then #9 iron, sand iron and putter! Hmm, food for thought…..