Who is GCR? A Brief Introduction and Overview.

Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to visit.

GCR is a privately owned Australian golf equipment design studio with over thirty five years experience in the golf industry, but as a brand in Australia, is relatively unknown to the golfing public. Testament to the design skills of the company is the fact that in excess of two million golf clubs of our designs were sold globally during the last decade.

Since 2000, GCR now also designs and sells its own brand of premium golf equipment through a carefully selected and trained network of professional retailers. You will receive world class, premium performance golf equipment at prices that have not had to absorb obscene advertising budgets, and with a level of service you deserve.

GCR proudly boasts the tightest manufacturing tolerances in the industry and is a benchmark of customer service, producing custom made equipment in a 48 hour turn around timeframe, unheard of when we started but well proven in over ten years of on time delivery.

In addition to using premium quality components from world leading suppliers such as True Temper for steel shafts and Mitsubishi Rayon for graphite shafts, GCR also uses many components developed in house, such as our “vibration resistant” range of grips which absorb up to 75% of initial impact vibration. And further testament to our industry experience and knowledge is that out of the seventy three factories in China who currently produce over 90% of the world’s golf clubs, GCR use just four of these factories. It’s not about price; it’s about quality and attention to detail.

GCR is not a mass market company and our products are not available everywhere. We do very little advertising in order to maintain value for money, preferring our advertising to be word of mouth, and via demo days where you can try our products and decide for yourself that our products perform the purpose for which they are intended and at a level that is second to none.

GCR provides further value to their customers by offering direct access to the company for product information via the internet, and delivery via a select retail network. And naturally as a design studio, GCR custom builds every golf club to your exact specifications, one club at a time, one set at a time. There is not a single finished golf club in our warehouse; we do not make a golf club until it is ordered, and then, only to the exact specifications requested.

GCR Golf.Com was founded in 1999 and is a privately owned and operated business. We do not release product every few months to satisfy shareholders or the stock market. We only release new product when we have developed something that is better than what we currently offer.

The mission of GCR is to be a leading designer and supplier of innovative, premium performance golf equipment and accessories that improves the way people play golf and allows them to obtain maximum enjoyment from the game. You may not know us and you may not have experienced our products, but once you do, you’ll join our growing number of happy and satisfied customers who pay us the greatest compliment of all by becoming repeat customers and also recommending our products to their friends and family.

We could ask for no more, and we could not achieve this level of satisfaction by merely advertising. It is far better that our reputation grows via word of mouth from satisfied customers rather than printed claims that would increase the price of our products. GCR doesn’t just assemble golf club components; we create golf clubs in a bespoke manner to meet the needs of the most important people in the world; our customers, and we hope you will join that group in the near future.

We recognise that when it comes to choosing golf equipment, you have a choice, and we thank you for choosing to consider GCR. Please read through our pages and feel free to contact us should you need further information.